07 Apr 2022


Celebrated celebrity scientist Dr Karl Kruszelnicki took some time to talk with the Empire Theatres’ Junior IMPACT ensemble about the science behind time-travel.

Known for his infectious enthusiasm presenting science facts and theories, Dr Karl was the man with all the answers for the young cast of Charlie Pilgrim (or a Beginner’s Guide to Time Travel), as they prepare to portray the science-fictional world on stage this June.

Empire Theatres Youth Arts Director Nicky Haeusler said the Junior IMPACT ensemble, aged 10-14, were enthralled with the renowned science-popularising personality as he answered each of their questions with in-depth detail.

“We feel so fortunate to have had Dr Karl spend time answering each of the 14 cast member’s questions on the high-level concepts explored within the play,” Ms Haeusler said.

“A few of the cast are huge fans and were extremely excited to have the chance to speak directly with him,” she said.

“His ability to breakdown complex science-fiction ideas into easy-to-digest explanations based on real science has given the Junior IMPACT ensemble an insightful understanding that they can now use to elevate their performance.”

Junior IMPACT is an advanced performance-making program offered through Empire Theatres which provides young creatives with an opportunity to experience and create a production with the quality and care of professional theatre.

The performance piece, set to open in June this year, Charlie Pilgrim (or a Beginner’s Guide to Time Travel), follows the story of protagonist Charlie Pilgrim, played by every cast member, as she accidentally creates a closed time loop, and meant everything from blackholes and anti-gravity machines, to the ethics of interfering with the past was up for discussion.

For more information on Empire Theatres’ Junior IMPACT program see here or call 1300 655 299.