John Coghlan's Quo & Ted Mulry Gang

This will take you back to the heady days of Countdown, when denim was interlaced with satin!

Featuring more than an hour of songs from the classic era of Status Quo. Status Quo had a string of chart-topping albums and hits including Pictures of Matchstick Men, In My Chair, Paper Plane, Caroline, Down Down, Rain, Wild Side Of Life, Rockin' All over the World, plus more, performed by John Coghlan’s Quo.

Joining John Coghlan’s Quo, is the Ted Mulry Gang (TMG), a band heavily influenced by Status Quo. Performing all their greatest hits Jump In My Car, Dark Town Strutters Ball, Crazy, Jamaica Rum, My Little Girl, Heart Of Stone, and many others from the mid 1970s when they dominated the Australian radio charts.

Completing the stellar lineup is another favourite from the days of Countdown: Melbourne’s very own Taste, performing a selection of hits and favourites from albums, Tickle Your Fancy and Knights Of Love.

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Sun, 10 Mar 2019 07:30 PM 10 Mar 07:30PM Buy Tickets
Armitage Centre- Heritage Bank Auditorium

All Tickets   $69.00

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