Heath Franklin's Chopper - Bogan Jesus

WINNER: COMIC'S CHOICE Melbourne Comedy Festival 2018

NOMINEE: BEST COMEDY, Fringe World (Perth) 2018

Australia's MOST WANTED comedian is back. He's rolled away the rock, dusted himself off and resurrecting his hit show of the 2018 comedy festivals, which saw him nab the coveted Comic's Choice award and sell over 25,000 tickets.

The world has had religion ever since God was in nappies, and what have we got to show for it: wars, terrorist attacks and Christian rock. It's time religion took a hard look at itself, so Chopper is starting his own one, in his own image and giving hell to the almighty.

There is a new 'Mo-ssiah' for a new age and he's holier than Oscar Pistorius' bathroom door.

Thou shalt harden up and become a Chopostle! So gather round and be healed by Bogan Jesus! Again!

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Fri, 01 Feb 2019 07:30 PM 01 Feb 07:30PM Ended
Armitage Centre- Heritage Bank Auditorium

Adult                $42.00 

Concession     $38.00 

Group 6+         $38.00 

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