Flipside Circus Workshops

Flipperoos Camp

Age: 4 – 8 years
Price: $50 per person, per session
Wednesday 25 September- 10-12pm 
Wenesday 25 September- 1-3pm (email Jeanette@empiretheatre.com.au if you are interested in this session!)
Thursday 26 Spetember- 10.30am-12.30pm

Join us in this bouncy and active 2-hour workshop with lots of play for beginners! The Flipperoos camp is a play-based workshop that encourages young children to explore circus in a nurturing environment.


Kindy Camp

Age: 2 – 4 years
Price: $25 per person, per session 
Thursday 26 September - 9-10am 
Friday 27 September- 9-10am 

Little circus stars work with their parents/carers and Flipside’s artists/trainers to explore all the fun the circus has to offer. Play-based classes include the full range of circus equipment including: trapeze, tissu, hula-hoops, mini-tramp, and more.


Taste of Circus 

Age: 6-12 years 
Price: $50 per person, per session 
Friday 27 September 10.30am-12.30pm 

A perfect introduction to the world of circus. Train on a range of circus apparatus and learn manipulation, ground, and aerial skills.


 Half Day Camp

(Includes 2 half day sessions) 
Price: $135pp (includes both sessions)
Session 1- Thursday 26 September 1.30-4.30pm
Session 2- Friday 27 September 1.30-4.30pm



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Wed 25- Flipperoos (4-8yrs) 10am Wed 25- Flipperoos (4-8yrs) 10am Ended
Thurs 26- Kindy Camp (2-4yrs)-9am Thurs 26- Kindy Camp (2-4yrs)-9am Ended
Thur 26-Flipperoos(4-8yrs)-10.30 Thur 26-Flipperoos(4-8yrs)-10.30 Ended
Thur- Fri Half Day Camp (8-16yrs) Thur- Fri Half Day Camp (8-16yrs) Ended
Fri 27 Kindy Camp (2-4yrs) 9am Fri 27 Kindy Camp (2-4yrs) 9am Ended
Fri 27-Taste of Circus(6-12yrs)10.30 Fri 27-Taste of Circus(6-12yrs)10.30 Sold out
Armitage Centre

Flipperoos Camp $50 per person 

Kindy Camp $25 per person 

Half Day Camp (includes both sessions) $135 per person 

Taste of Circus $50 per person

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