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Celebrating 30 years, FLiCKERFEST is Australia’s leading Academy® Award accredited and BAFTA recognised Short Film Festival, and the country’s largest Australian & International short film competition, screening the best of shorts from Australia and around the world, hand-picked from 3,500 entries. 


 Best of Australian Shorts Program 

Screening Runtime: 103 min

Classification: Under 15 years to be accompanied by adult


Director: Tilda Cobham-Hervey, Dev Patel

Writer: Tilda Cobham-Hervey, Dev Patel, John Collee

Runtime: 15 mins

Roborovski still 1920w Aust 4     Click here to view trailer...

Roborovski follows an eponymous thimble sized hamster, who spends his days in Marvin’s Pet Shop, hoping to find a family.  However, when he is constantly overlooked by the people and animals around him, his seething resentment and intense jealousy soon takes hold and the murderous side of little Roborovski is released

The End, The Beginning 

Director: Archie Chew

Writer: Samuel Herriman

Producer: Alicia Easaw-Mamutil

Runtime: 15 mins 

 The End The Beginning still 1920w Aust4 

In the picture-book town of Collector, a young girl and her gang of rogue environmentalists are trying to save the planet as the world goes into lockdown. The main target of the rebellion? The girl’s very own father.


Director: Jacqueline Peczar 

Writer: Tina Fielding

Producer: Cody Greenwood 

Runtime: 13 mins 

 Sparkles still 1920w Aust3 700x394

A 30-something-year-old Down Syndrome woman leaves her past behind, and runs away from a small country town, heading towards the city.  Along her journey, she makes an unlikely friendship with a Drag Queen from the Outback, teaching us all not to be afraid to celebrate who we are. 

This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Both of Us 

Director: D.C. Fairhurst

Writer: DC Fairhurst

Producer: Lucy Green, D.C Fairhurst 

Runtime: 7 mins 

This Town Isnt Big Enough For The Both Of Us still 1920w Aust3  

Two rival pickpockets clash in an increasingly risky game of cat-&-mouse.


System Error 

Director: Matt Vesely 

Writer: Matt Vesely 

Producer: Kristy Stark 

Runtime: 13 mins 

System Error still 1920w Aust2 700x394

Every day, George works his job at a dingy convenience store, desperately hoping for a friend – but George is also an immobile robotic service unit, and immobile service units do not have friends.  Not yet anyway.

The Exit Plan 

Director: Angus Wilkinson 

Writer: Ella Cook 

Producer: James Buckingham

Runtime: 14 min 

The Exit Plan still1 1920w Aust 3 700x394

In an overpopulated future, an elderly woman is visited by a young government official to ensure she is complying with the government’s new “Exit Plan” policy, but, when he interrogates her further he soon realizes she has her own ‘plan’ for him.


Director: Phoebe Tonkin

Writer: Phoebe Tonkin

Producer: Jessica Carrera

Runtime: 17 min

furlough still 1920w Aust5 700x395

FURLOUGH follows a day-in-the-life of two sisters, 16 and 17, who embark on an adventure tiptoeing the line between freedom and responsibility.  What appears to be a dangerous game of living on the edge, is really about making the most of the fleeting, precious moments we have here on this earth.


Director: Chad O'Brien

Writer: Ebony McGuire, Chad O'Brien

Producer: Jemma Douglas 

Runtine: 9 min

Wirun still 1920w Aust3 700x393

A young Indigenous girl must dig deep to own her performance of a Shakespearean sonnet for her high school drama class.

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