James Reyne - Boys Light Up 41st Anniversary Tour

THE BOYS LIGHT UP, one of Australian Crawl’s most loved songs, will turn the big 4-1 in 2021 and to celebrate, James Reyne will tour the nation paying homage to this enduring tune. 

The Boys Light Up was written by James Reyne, and featured on the album of the same name, released in 1980 on EMI.  It was Australian Crawl’s debut album and also featured ‘Indisposed’, ‘Downhearted’, ‘Beautiful People’ and ‘Hoochie Gucci Fiorucci Mama’.

James reflected on the song today, saying, “Boys Light Up is turning 41!By Jove, who woulda thunk it.If I’d known what gave it legsI would’ve bottled it and drunk it.And I’m delighted that so manytake this song into their hearts‘cause it never really was a hit - it just SCRAPED into the charts.But it seems to hit a nerve, a chord, a nail, a bell, a spot‘cause I tell ya, we don’t play itI’m likely to get shot!Or met by blokes in car-parksfull of vinegar and piss who wanna know what game I’m playing, wanna know, “What game is this?!” They say they’ve got it on the record on CD, 8-track, cassette and they drove 500 miles not to hear it! Most upset

“So, we’re coming to your town to celebrate it’s Come-Of-Age - bring all your bells and whistles ‘cause we’ll be BLISTERING the stage. There’ll be thrills and there’ll be spills as we fill that ROCKING cup ‘cause those Boys are turning 41 so c’mon and light them up!!”

Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate 41 years of  ‘The Boys Light Up’ with James Reyne and his incredible band of musicians - grab your tickets now!

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Sat, 10 Apr 2021 08:00 PM 10 Apr 08:00PM Buy Tickets
Empire Theatre

All tickets $75.00


Tickets can be issued via email in PDF format to the ticket purchaser or collected at the Ticket Office.

All patrons will be required to check in via QR code before the performance.

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