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      26 May - 27 May
      Empire Theatre Studio
      Come along and be a part of this open workshop of an exciting and dynamic new play in development. The evening will follow a Forum Theatre structure, inviting audience feedback at every turn. An unforgettable night at the theatre for teachers, students, a Read more...
    • Ross Noble - On The Go
      22 Jun
      Empire Theatre
      COVID19 forced Noble off the Road for the first time in years. Now he's chomping at the bit, he's raring to go. Get your tickets now for his Comeback Special. Read more...
    • Straight White Men
      02 Jul
      Empire Church Theatre
      Two parts comedy, one part political drama, 'Straight White Men' follows Ed and his three adult sons as they come together to celebrate the holiday season. They enjoy cheerful trash-talking, pranks, and takeout Chinese, then confront a problem that even being a happy family can’t solve: when identity matters, and privilege is problematic, what is the value of being a straight white man? Read more...
    • Sarah Millican - Bobby Dazzler
      03 Mar
      Empire Theatre
      The hilarious Sarah Millican is back on tour with a Bobby Dazzler of a new stand-up show. Sarah has spent the last year writing jokes and growing her backside. She can’t wait to get back on the road and make you laugh.