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    • Kitty Flanagan
      25 Feb - 26 Feb
      Empire Theatre
      After a year at home drinking hand sanitiser and tonic, Kitty Flanagan is finally back on stage doing what (she thinks) she does best, solving the world's problems. Read more...
    • Don Juan
      21 May
      Armitage Centre
      5 crazy, faux-French clowns invite you to play. They bring you in, they get you a drink, they flirt with you a bit (maybe they fall in love with you) and then they invite you to tell the story of Don Juan, with them. Read more...
    • Ross Noble - On The Go
      22 Jun
      Empire Theatre
      COVID19 forced Noble off the Road for the first time in years. Now he's chomping at the bit, he's raring to go. Get your tickets now for his Comeback Special. Read more...