Empire Youth Arts

Launched in 2010, Empire Youth Arts aims to enrich and empower the young people of the Toowoomba region. Providing a variety of regular drama workshops, holiday workshops and elite performance program opportunities, Empire Youth Arts is an invaluable program to the young people of the Toowoomba community and beyond. 

Empire Youth Arts also provides a number of classes outside Toowoomba, including term long classes, workshops, masterclasses and educational support, working in Dalby, Lockyer Valley, Mitchell, Charleville, Pittsworth and Crows Nest in the past few years.

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IMPACT Ensemble

About IMPACT Ensemble

 Empire Youth Arts 2019 IMPACT Ensembles


IMPACT Senior (Ages 14- Young adult) presents, A series of new works based on “The Emperor’s New Clothes” by Hans Christian Andersen, directed by Ari Palani.

Auditions have closed for our 2019 Senior IMPACT Ensemble (Ages 14-Young Adult). We are exploring The Emperor’s New Clothes which is a well-known enduring short story made popular in the Western zeitgeist by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. Also known under many other names through various cultures across the East, the core of this tale is the same: an emperor who is concerned with the image of his power hires two weavers who promise to clothe him in the finest garments which are only visible to those who are “worthy,” a lie that grows as any and all who obviously cannot see these clothes perpetuates a collective denial. The story culminates as the emperor wears these so-called clothes and parades through his town completely naked, at which point a child speaks what everyone has been denying – “But he isn’t wearing anything at all!”

The tale provides a platform for satirical and political commentary on many aspects of contemporary society, and the role of young people inside of those narratives - an exciting stimulus for this years ensemble to explore and create a collection of works within a larger narrative.


IMPACT Junior presents “Where in the World is Frank Sparrow?” by Angela Betzien, directed by Ari Palani.

For our third ever IMPACT Junior we are exploring even deeper into the training of young actors – their bodies and voices, and the technical skills it requires to deliver a gripping narrative onstage. Where in the World is Frank Sparrow? by renowned Australian playwright Angela Betzien, was originally commissioned by youth theatre specialists Graffiti Theatre Company in Ireland. It’s quirky graphic novel style weaves stark urban reality with the mythic underworld. Against this grim backdrop the young hero, Frank Sparrow, must endure dangers and trials, overcome weakness, find love and face death. A uniquely modern legend, Where in the World is Frank Sparrow? reinvents the hero’s journey for the 21st Century and propels its audience through the dangerous streets of Stab City and into the dark underworld of change and transformation.

Past Productions

  • {Cross My Heart} - Impact Senior (2017)
  • Child(ish) - Impact Junior (2017)
  • C H A L K (2016)
  • Titus Was Here (2015)
  • Talking to Brickwalls (remounting 2015) 
  • Talking to Brickwalls (2014)
  • The Seedling Project (2013) 
  • Slut by Patricia Cornelius (2013)
  • 10 down, 6 across (2012)
  • Blackrock by Nick Enright (2012)
  • TLK. TXT. SPK (2011)
Case Studies

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Talking to Brickwalls 


The Labels Project